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Committed To Serving
The Farming Community

Our Products

We offer a comprehensive range of pesticides and agricultural products to meet the diverse needs of our 15,000 and growing community of farmers.



Safeguard your crops against harmful pests and maximize yields.



Effectively control unwanted weeds and enhance crop growth.



Protect your plants from fungal diseases, ensuring their health and vitality.


Macro and Micro Fertilizers

Boost the nutrient levels of your soil for optimal plant nutrition and growth.

In-House Consumption and Testing

At ATF Agri Sciences, as a proud member of the JK Group of companies, we leverage our extensive in-house consumption of pesticides for our farming operations across 30,000 acres. This unique advantage enables us to rigorously test and evaluate the effectiveness of our products before they reach the market. Only the highest quality pesticides, proven through our own farming practices, are made available to our valued customers.

Global Sourcing for Superior Quality

We source superior quality pesticides from trusted global suppliers. With strong partnerships and adherence to strict quality control measures, we offer diverse, high-quality solutions.

Empowering Agriculture with Quality Pesticides

Experience the collective strength of JK Group